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The Xiamen West Passage Subsea Tunnel in Fujian uses two UJ33 boring trolleys for two-way operation. The construction progress has been completed on time with quality and quantity. At present, the UJ33 has accumulated more than 5,000 meters of excavation.




*Engineering dobby jumbo: UJ33

Application areas: Full-section excavation and excavation, taking into account supporting auxiliary work such as bolts, prying hair, charging, and hanging nets. Tunnels: construction of highways, railways, hydropower and other tunnels. Caverns: hydropower station caverns, diversion tunnels, air-raid shelters, national defense caverns, petroleum and chemical storage caverns. UJ33 drilling rig: minimum passability of 3.4*3.4m, tunneling range 16*13m (width * height), vertical anchor range 23x17m (width * height).

*The standard propelling beam has a total length of 7350mm and an effective hole depth of 5.27m.

Optional: ①Propelling beam with a total length of 8130, with an effective hole depth of 5.88m;

②Bolder replacement mechanism system;

③Blow hole device.

In Russia, where the temperature of minus 40 degrees is cold, ZENVAN ZEGA-D460A integrated down-the-hole drilling rig has withstood the severe cold and ensured the smooth progress of the project.




*ZEGA-D460A: High-end configuration, providing higher efficiency, new boom, dust collection system, and new cab provide a more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe production experience.

*The maximum drilling depth is 35 meters, the hole diameter can be selected from ∅115-152mm, it is equipped with strong power, high reliability, Cummins high-power engine, high wind pressure and high pressure air compressor, and the rotation torque is 4435N.m.