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UJ23 rock drilling rig

It is widely used for road, railway, hydropower and other medium-sized tunnel boring and anchor rod construction, and is equipped with two heavy-duty drill booms and a service platform
Maximum work coverage area: 110m²
Configure ZY-104M high frequency hydraulic rock drill, 20Kw/60Hz

◐ Innovative design. One positioning can meet the needs of multiple construction processes, that is, drilling, anchoring, injecting, and drilling, injecting, and anchoring fully automatic integrated construction, highly mechanized, low labor intensity, and less manpower requirements.
◐ Reversing image. Large wide-angle reversing image technology is standard to prevent the machine from collision and damage due to blind spots during the moving process.
◐ Control system
The hydraulic rock drilling control system has the function of dual aperture parameter setting and one-key switching, automatic hole drilling, no lubrication, no water and no impact, automatic control of rotary pressure, automatic control of propulsion pressure, and automatic anti-sticking function.
The electrical system adopts CAN communication connection technology, modularized sub-regional layout design, simplified wiring and improved reliability. The display in the driving cabin centrally reflects all the data of the drilling rig and automatically alarms, stores, and displays the operating status of the drilling rig. It can monitor, download and store the data of the construction grout-to-cement ratio and single-hole grouting volume, making the drilling rig single Convenient operation, simple maintenance and troubleshooting.
The core components of the whole machine configuration adopt original imported brand products, which can ensure the high reliability and advanced control of the product in the harsh underground environment.

◐ Rock drill
The ZY104M rock drill is equipped with a double buffer shock absorption system to ensure the best service life of the drilling tool.
The pressure oil film protects and lubricates the interface, reducing the internal wear of the rock drill.

◐ Composite coordinate system with automatic parallel drill boom
The double triangle support boom can ensure accurate hydraulic parallel holding function in all directions.
Enlarged coverage and high-strength new material application structure design, stronger bearing capacity and better rigidity, avoid the positioning shaking problem caused by material disturbance, and can meet the work needs of different positioning angles.

◐ Composite coordinate system, automatic parallel service platform
The double-triangular support boom can ensure accurate hydraulic parallel holding function in all directions.
Enlarged coverage and rated 600Kg load design can meet the needs of different customers.

◐ Propeller
The heavy-duty aluminum alloy propelling beam has high bending and torsion strength and long service life.
The surface of the propelling beam is covered with stainless steel skin, and the moving parts are made of PTFE wear-resistant liners to increase the service life.

◐ Cockpit
A liftable safety ceiling that meets the Falling Object Impact (FOPS) certification.
The display in the driving cabin reflects all the data of the drilling rig and automatically alarms, stores and displays the operating status of the drilling rig, making the drilling rig easy to operate by one person and easy maintenance and troubleshooting.
Standard large wide-angle reversing imaging technology to prevent machine collision damage due to blind spots during the transfer process.

◐ Chassis
The heavy-duty articulated chassis design can meet the flexible movement of equipment in small and medium-sized tunnels.
Four hydraulic outriggers are used to stabilize the position.
Double circuit pedal brake and emergency parking brake can brake safely even if one or even two of the oil pipes are damaged.

◐ Optional accessories
4305 propeller
6310 propeller
Positioning angle measurement system hole depth measurement
Laser positioning

  • Equipment type
    Underground rock drilling rig
  • Diesel engines
    Cummins QSC8.3-C240-Ⅲ, 179 Kw
  • Electric motor
    55 Kw x 3
  • Maximum working area
    180 m²
  • Working face size (LxW)
    16000 x 13000 mm
  • Drilling depth
    5270 mm
  • Drill pipe diameter
    φ45-89 mm
  • Drill rod type
    T38-H35-R32 x 5525 mm;T38-H35-R32 x 4350 mm
  • Total length of thruster
    7996 mm
  • Advance itinerary
    5880 mm
  • Advance compensation
    1800 mm
  • Maximum pulling force
    20 KN
  • Hydraulic rock drill
  • Maximum impact power
    20 Kw
  • Pump pressure
    17.5 bar
  • Pump displacement
    18 m³/min
  • Air compressor pressure
    8 bar
  • Air compressor displacement
    1.0 m³/min
  • Cab
    FOPS driving shed
  • Cab lift function
  • air conditioning
  • Walking speed
    17.0/10.0/5.0 km/h
  • Rear axle swing angle
  • Ground clearance
    340 mm
  • Boom extension
    1600 mm
  • Boom swing angle around
  • Boom lift/swing angle
    +68° / -45°
  • Advance pitch angle
    +3° / -90°
  • Two-speed travel motor
  • Leveling function
  • Gradeability
  • Turning radius in driving
    R6500 mm
  • Turning radius outside driving
    R12100 mm
  • Dimensions
    16970 x 2930 x 3159(3859) mm
  • total weight
    ≤50000 kg