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UP45 down-the-hole mining rig

Mainly used in underground mining, emergency rescue, water conservancy projects and railway anchoring projects
Underground deep hole drilling rig

◐ Easy to use and low maintenance cost. The machine absorbs the working capabilities and characteristics of imported mining rigs, combined with domestic medium and deep hole drilling technology and market conditions. The one-time purchase cost is low, the use and maintenance cost is low, the consumable resources are abundant, and the operation is simple.

◐ Stable and reliable performance. Imported brands are used for key hydraulic and electrical components to ensure the reliability of products used in harsh underground environments. The control system has been fully verified in the market with stable and reliable performance.

◐ Dual driving force, diesel + electric drive. Diesel-electric dual power, diesel engine is responsible for walking, with high and low walking speed; electric motor is responsible for work, energy saving, low noise.

◐ Water mist dust removal. Use water mist to remove dust to improve the air environment around the work. The water volume can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions, and the alarm will alert when there is water shortage.

  • Equipment type
    Underground mining rig
  • Diesel engines
    YUCHAI YC4DK80, 58Kw
  • Electric motor
    55 Kw
  • Drilling depth
    30 m
  • Drill pipe diameter
    φ90-130 mm
  • Drill rod type
    φ68 x 1200 mm
  • Number of storage rods
  • Total length of thruster
    3010 mm
  • Working torque
    3300 N.m
  • Lifting power
    25 KN
  • Working wind pressure
    10.0-25.0 bar
  • Air consumption
    4.5-15.0 m³/min
  • Impactor
  • Working voltage
    380 V
  • Cable reel capacity
    50 m
  • Gradeability
  • Walking speed
    3.0/1.5 km/h
  • Working face size (LxW)
    5250 x 4057 mm
  • Transport size (LxWxH)
    6000x2400x2250 mm
  • total weight
    7500 kg