XE60DA small excavator

The new XCMG customized engine is adopted, which has large low-speed torque, reliability and durability, and high operating efficiency; further optimizes the intake and exhaust system, and has high fuel efficiency
◐ Bucket capacity (m³): 0.23
◐ Engine rated power (kW/rpm): 36.2/2100
◐ Bucket digging force (kN): 48.3

Adopt a new type of environmentally friendly engine, low-speed torque, low fuel consumption, high operating efficiency, reliable and durable. Optimized the layout of the air intake pipeline to reduce air intake resistance, increase air intake, and improve fuel utilization.

By adjusting the pump power and adopting a new generation of low pressure loss main valve, the hydraulic pipeline system is optimized as a whole, with lower energy consumption, faster response and more precise control. Industry-leading runner design, the work union cancels the traditional bridge design, and the pressure loss is reduced by more than 30%.

The newly upgraded flow priority distribution method makes the combined action of walking + working device and climbing + working device far superior to traditional load sensing systems. The adaptability of the working conditions of the load walking operation is greatly improved.

By increasing the key size of the rotary reducer, the reducer can achieve a torque increase of 15%, making slope operations easier.

Re-optimized the design of the boom, stick, bulldozer structure, and tailstock of the slewing platform, and further strengthened the key parts. Bucket teeth improve wear resistance, and bucket teeth work durability is increased by 40%, which greatly reduces user operating costs.

The large-space cab is spacious and comfortable, with a wider field of vision, and the new cab-enclosing sunshade is added; the three-level shock absorption system is optimized to further enhance the comfort of the seat. The glass windows on both sides of the cab are pushed and pulled to greatly improve the comfort of operation.

Added a built-in toolbox for the rotary platform, which is extremely convenient for daily access and storage of tools.

Open the rear hood, the oil filter, diesel filter and air filter are within easy reach and convenient maintenance.

  • Operating weight
    6010 kg
  • Bucket capacity
    0.23 m³
  • Engine rated power
    36.2 Kw
  • Bucket digging force
    48.3 KN
  • Maximum digging depth
    3830 mm