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Pile driver-multi-function attachment

The hydraulic slewing motor and gears are concealed, which can effectively avoid oil pollution and collisions. The gears are more convenient to replace, closely matched, stable and durable. The box body adopts an open structure to ensure stable pressure in the box.

The hydraulic slewing motor and gears are concealed, which can effectively avoid oil pollution and collisions. The gears are more convenient to replace, closely matched, stable and durable

The box body adopts an open structure to ensure stable pressure in the box and stable heat dissipation

Using high-performance imported shock-absorbing rubber block, stable quality and long life

The original imported hydraulic motor is used, with stable performance and superior quality

The clamping nozzle cylinder has strong thrust and pressure keeping, stable and reliable, to ensure that the pile body does not loosen and ensure the safety of construction

The material of the chuck mouth adopts imported grinding plate, with stable performance and long service life