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ZB388/ZB388-1 backhoe loader

ZB388 series is a new B- series backhoe loader introduced by Zhanjiang. It is based on the mature supporting and technical performance of existing products, and carries out engine emission upgrades, structural parts lightweight and working device parameter optimization, etc., to further improve product comfort, safety, maintainability, reliability, and security. And economy.

performance characteristics:

are more reasonable, the driving stability is better, the maximum driving speed can reach 37 km/h, and the transition speed is faster;

domestic leading hydraulic system distribution technology, energy saving and high efficiency; The maximum flow rate is 154L/min, meeting more equipment configuration requirements;

can be configured with a variety of environmental adaptability technologies such as high temperature, high cold, plateau, high dust, etc. Users can customize them according to their usage requirements;

loading end digging force industry leading, 15%-20% higher than similar models.

ZB388 adopts mid-mounted wing outriggers, with beautiful appearance, strong bearing capacity and ultra-high stability.

project unit ZB388/ZB388-1
rated bucket capacity m³ 0.3/1.0
engine brand Yuchai/Weichai/Cummins
rated power kW 70/74
overall weight kg 7600
Maximum unloading height mm 2650
maximum mining depth mm 5513