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Crawler impact mobile crushing plant

Production capacity: 150-500 t/h
Processing materials: usually used for coarse crushing, medium crushing or fine crushing of limestone, sandstone, dense marl, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, iron sulfide ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials and other brittle materials below medium hard
Compressive strength: 80mpa<raw material<200mpa

◐ Used for coarse, medium or fine crushing of materials: usually used for coarse, medium or fine crushing of limestone, sandstone, dense marl, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, iron sulfide ore, gypsum and Brittle materials below medium hardness such as chemical raw materials

◐ Suitable for: coarse crushing, medium crushing or fine crushing

◐ Working principle: A machine that uses the high-speed impact of the plate hammer and the rebound effect of the counterattack plate to cause the material to be repeatedly impacted and broken. Coarse crushed, medium crushed or fine crushed brittle materials below medium hard

The crawler-type counterattack mobile crushing station is a combined equipment composed of a feeder, a counterattack crusher and a return device. It can ensure high material crushing efficiency while still maintaining good mobility; the equipment is convenient to transport and simple after a short period of time Set it up, you can quickly put it into use, making on-site production time more abundant. With multi-stage counterattack cavity, there is enough crushing space, suitable for crushing bulk materials. The angle of the impact plate can be adjusted to ensure that the material is at an appropriate angle when repeatedly impacted between the impact plate and the rotor, effectively improving the crushing efficiency. In the step-by-step counterattack crushing process, the energy consumption during the crushing process can be effectively reduced

Model Crusher Model Total Power(Kw) Maximum feed size (mm) Total Weight(Kg) Delivery Dimension(mm)
LA-150 LF150 253 980x820 53000 14000x3000x3600
LA-250 LF250 304 960x1360 60000 15500x3200x3800
LA-350 LF350 366 1050x1700 65000 17000x3200x3800