User experience day, In-depth customized construction solutions

    Service Center: This is the information hub for us to communicate with you. In order to convey service information accurately and efficiently, it is divided into an information communication center, a customer satisfaction improvement center, a customer behavior analysis center, and a product marketing promotion center. Here, we will provide you with one-stop professional services such as product price consultation, technical support, product complaints, service complaints, repairs, and spare parts consultation and sales.

    In-depth customized construction solutions. We have software and hardware resources and accumulated years of construction experience. At the same time, we also sincerely invite you to act as a consultant for enterprise product design, manufacturing, and service rules formulation. In order to provide efficient and in-depth customized construction solutions, we work hand in hand.


    Consultative sales, Butler transportation

    Consultative sales. There is always a need for differentiated construction. We will do our best to assist you in the optimization and selection of equipment and help you achieve the optimization of the value of the purchased equipment.

    Butler transportation. In order to meet your needs, we will provide professional transportation and door-to-door services, and provide first installation and delivery training services for each product.


    You can choose up to three years "Gold Medal Extended Warranty Service"

    365×24 service all year round. We resolutely do: provide you with quick response and attentive service 24 hours a day, all year round.

    Expert inspection. Establish a normalized national mobile service system. In the past 5 years, our footprints have spread all over the world, and we have brought caring services to every user.
    Spare parts arrived in time. We promise to deliver the spare parts you need to your hands as quickly as possible.

  • SINOSURE Short-term Export Credit Insurance

    Convenient application documents, fast application process

    SINOSURE Service. Sinosure’s mission is to "perform policy functions and serve high-level openness", effectively serve the national strategy, accurately support enterprise development, ensure financial sustainability, actively expand the coverage of export credit insurance, and promote the construction of the "Belt and Road" in service. Stabilizing and improving the quality of foreign trade, fostering new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition, and promoting the optimization of economic structure have played an irreplaceable role.

    180-day short-term insurance. After you successfully apply for the CITIC Insurance credit line, we will provide you with up to 180 days of export short-term credit financing services.

    360-day short-term insurance. After you successfully apply for the CITIC Insurance credit line, we will provide you with up to 360 days of export short-term credit financing services.

    Installment payment for spare parts

    Low down payment: For mass purchases, you only need 30-50% down payment to have much-needed accessories.

    Low interest. Ultra-low installment interest rate, the minimum monthly interest rate is only 0.6%.

    In response to your large purchases, we will launch "Worry-Free Installment Purchases" for you

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